17th March 2011

Obsolete Random Hacks

There are lots of things I developed at some point in time which I no longer publish here for some reason.

  • Cryptographic source code, such as implementations of SHA-256, CAST, Rijndael (now AES), RSA and other algorithms. You should use widely accepted libraries which were subject to public scrutiny, such as libgcrypt, gnutls or OpenSSL. You should not be using implementations of dubious origin (including mine).
  • drek, a simple slang and readline based MUD client from my early days of UNIX programming. Too embarrassing.
  • German language SpamAssassin rules in form of an SA_de ruleset and mailing list. Discontinued when Bayesian spam filtering made language dependent pattern matching obsolete.
  • Apache::PLHP, yet another mod_perl embedded perl hypertext preprocessor which I used as a “better” PHP replacement once. Too embarrassing.
  • An early XML based web site content generation system. Out of date.
  • Bilderwahn, a HTML photo gallery generation toolset for large photo collections. Out of date.
  • BO2K plugins I once wrote, ages ago, when strong crypto wasn’t exportable from the U.S. due to ITAR regulations. Even though neither the crypto plugins nor BO2K itself can be used to actually break into a computer system, the Swiss implementation of the European Cybercrime Convention declares the development and trafficking of so-called “hacker tools” to be a legal offense. While it is certainly debatable whether BO2K plugins fall under that category of tools, there is ample reason not to distribute them these days.
  • Liberator, a Back Orifice countermeasure. Out of date.
  • A Battles of Europe II calculator named Mathematician. Out of date.
  • Various other mediocre Windows-based tools and utilities, such as a graphical netcat and a graphical sniffer. Of dubious quality and out of date.

I am no longer providing these; please do not ask for them.