23rd August 2018

Rö’s Wiki

  • xnumon, security monitoring agent for macOS.
  • acefile, read/test/extract ACE 1.0 and 2.0 archives in pure python.
  • SSLsplit, transparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception.
  • Nmap SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol port scanning.
  • FakeIKEd is a fake IKE daemon for attacking vulnerable-by-design PSK + XAUTH IPsec VPN setups (“group password” phase 1 authentication).
  • ASPSMS command line client and ruby library for sending SMS through the ASPSMS gateway XML interface.
  • RoseFS, an encrypted passthrough filesystem in userspace.
  • GPG keysigning tools: easy signing multiple keys and analyzing the results.
  • FreeBSD Contributions I have worked on in the past, including cmx(4), the Omnikey CardMan 4040 driver and ATA Security support for atacontrol(8).
  • FreeBSD Ports which I used to maintain or otherwise worked on.
  • Security Advisories I have released at one time or another.