15th November 2015

Rö’s Wiki

This is my public online notebook; an unorderly pile of software, scripts, snippets, thoughts, rants and mostly technical babble. This is a Wiki – the pages of this website are meant to be collaboratively edited from within your web browser or directly using git(1) and your favourite $EDITOR.

Security Hacks

FreeBSD Hacks

Messaging/E-Mail Hacks

Random Hacks

  • DHM25 and POV-Ray: converting the elevation model to PNG heightmaps.
  • UV Navigator, a visualization tool for the PBM/PBEM game Universum V.
  • More random hacks are in the scripts repository (no public access at the moment).
  • Obsolete Random Hacks including encryption plugins and other stuff previously published here under the brand “roe.ch”.
  • Knowledge Base is an unorderly collection of technical reference materials on topics such as c, x86 assembly, reverse engineering and network device configuration.

Social Hacks