14th December 2011

Window Managers


The one after will be:

My next window manager will be one of:

  • Openbox — eye-candy capable, window oriented
  • PekWM (?)
  • wmii or dwm or awesome – tiling, minimalist, tagging
  • xmonad with xmobar – looks promising, but is Haskell, which really hurts it’s usefulness

Related stuff:

Unrelated stuff to try:

  • MPD to replace xmms and esd remoting

The perfect WM:

  • Non-dogmatical
  • Good tiling mode (wmii style)
  • Good floating windows mode (openbox)
  • Support all standards and known hacks
  • Support dock apps in some way
  • Support broken apps like unicode-rxvt
  • Sane focus handling (pointer follows focus, no focus stealing)
  • Sane window placement (no focus stealing, predictable placement, minimal overlap)


My next Windows desktop environment at work might be one of:

My next Windows window manager at work might be one of:

Windows Utilities:


Basic keyboard based solutions:

  • ShiftIt, OSS, keyboard based resizing left/right/bottom/top/full/corners
  • SizeUp, 13$, keyboard based resizing left/right/bottom/top/full/corners, identical to ShiftIt (blog)
  • splitscreen, ?, keyboard based resizing left/right/full, subset of ShiftIt

More advanced, generic solutions:

  • Breeze, 8$, keyboard based resizing, template based, generic superset of splitscreen et al
  • Optimal Layout, 14$, mouse and keyboard based resizing to any grid, supports templates, manual keyboard resizing, pairwise resizing, potential superset of all the contenders
  • Arrange, 7$, keyboard and mouse based resizing to grid, freeform templates, potential superset of splitscreen et al
  • Divvy, 14$, mouse and keyboard based resizing to 6x6 grid, slightly cumbersome (2 keypresses or clicks req’d), generic superset of splitscreen et al

Out of competition:

To do:

  • which meaningfully support multiple monitors?
  • which have meaningful solutions for new window placement?
  • try trial versions of advanced solutions

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