13th April 2011

FreeBSD on the PC Engines ALIX 2d13

In this document, I will try to give a comprehensive report on installing FreeBSD on a PC Engines ALIX 2d13 – what I got to work, and how, and what still does not work for me. I provide this information in the hope that it might be useful, but without any implied warranty whatsoever. If you have corrections, additional insight or feedback regarding FreeBSD on the ALIX platform to share, please drop me a line.

I currently run a NanoBSD image based on FreeBSD RELENG_8_2, which powers a dual-stack IPv6/IPv4 router/firewall.

NanoBSD Config


Kernel Config

I’m currently using a GENERIC kernel, which works for me.

Unsupported Hardware

  • The GPIO ports are currently unused and no driver is attached.(?)
  • I’m not using USB and haven’t tested it yet.


  1. IPv4/IPv6 router (as much as possible w/o 3rd party software)
  2. IPv4/IPv6 client auto-configuration (full blown incl. DNS)
  3. DNS resolver (for full independence of calvin)
  4. Network redesign (v4/v6 routing, NAT4, readdressing)
  5. Migration


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